REcreating the ideal Niche: environmental control Of cell Identity in Regenerating and diseased muscles

RENOIR is a European Training Network that aims to develop and implement a PhD programme in the field of muscle regeneration and aging

 An integrated structural training programme for 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to create a new generation of researchers with an interdisciplinary profile and view, to fill the gap created by an increasing need for highly-trained, interdisciplinary scientists to support this key European growth sector.

Academic and Industrial experts together

Muscle regeneration, stem cells, aging and bioengeneering

Our Focus

The major objective of RENOIR research programme is to ultimately unravel, using novel and integrated biotechnological tools, the progressive decline in skeletal and cardiac muscle mass and functionality, that represents the most critical and complex features associated with human ageing and disease

An integrated approach

We exploit in a well-coordinated way and in the same research network, a combination of complex techniques, straddling biological science, bioinformatics and engineering, that are often beyond the scope of individual research groups


The scientific innovative aspect of RENOIR resides in considering the whole network of cellular interactions rather than focusing on the single components