Workshop on muscle tissue repair and disorders

March 20th-22nd, 2023
Château du Mée, FRANCE

Organisers: Frederic Relaix’s laboratory & Peggy Lafuste
Organisation support: Aymeline Vandestienne

This workshop aims to enrich the recruited ESRs background in innovative muscle stem cells research and muscle diseases. A group of internationally recognized scientists working on muscle stem cells and interactions with their niche in homeostatic, regenerative and pathologic muscle will present their work in a two-days’ workshop, which will also include poster presentation by junior researchers and discussion panels. 
  • Invited speakers

    Glenda COMAI
    Denis FURLING
    Luis GARCIA
    Pascal MAIRE
    Philippos MOURIKIS
    Saverio TEDESCO
    Laurent TIRET
    Capucine TROLLET
    Peter ZAMMIT

  • Registrations

    Please note: registration needed for online participation, in-person participation is reserved for Renoir Consortium members and invited speakers.