Network Management

Silvia Brunelli
Silvia BrunelliRENOIR Coordinator, Supervisor at University of Milano - Bicocca
Federico Granata
Federico GranataRENOIR Project Manager at University of Milano - Bicocca
Antonella Sgambato
Antonella SgambatoRENOIR Project Manager at University of Milano - Bicocca


Silvia Brunelli
Silvia BrunelliRENOIR Coordinator, Supervisor at University of Milano - Bicocca, HEVA Research Lab
Gabriella Minchiotti
Gabriella Minchiotti Supervisor at IGB Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche
Benedicte Chazaud
Benedicte Chazaud Supervisor at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Institut NeuroMyoGène
Pura Munoz-Canoves
Pura Munoz-CanovesSupervisor at Pompeu Fabra University, Cell Biology Group
Giulio Cossu
Giulio CossuSupervisor at University of Manchester, Regenerative Medicine Network (MaRMN)
László Nagy
László NagySupervisor at University of Debrecen, NLab
Lucia Latella
Lucia LatellaSupervisor at Fondazione Santa Lucia, Epigenetics and Regenerative Pharmacology Lab
Paolo A. Netti
Paolo A. NettiSupervisor at University of Naples
Georgina Ellison-Hughes
Georgina Ellison-HughesSupervisor at King's College London
Cécile Perrault
Cécile Perrault Supervisor at Eden Tech
Dror Seliktar
Dror SeliktarSupervisor at Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.
Marco E. Bianchi
Marco E. BianchiSupervisor at HMGBiotech srl

Partner Organisations

Filippo Buccella
Filippo BuccellaParent Project aps
Christian Steinkühler
Christian SteinkühlerItalfarmaco Spa
Frédéric Relaix
Frédéric RelaixUPEC Université Paris-Est Créteil

Early Research Fellows

Filipa Timoteo Ferreira
Filipa Timoteo FerreiraUniversity of Milano- Bicocca
> ESR1 – Study of the molecular mechanism of Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition during muscle regeneration and crosstalk with the immune system in vivo and in vitro
Cristina Rodriguez
Cristina RodriguezIGB-CNR Institute of Genetics and Biophysics
> ESR2 – Extrinsic control of skeletal muscle remodelling: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic implications

Pawandeep Singh
Pawandeep SinghUniversity Claude Bernard Lyon 1
> ESR3 – Role of macrophages in degenerative myopathies and fibrosis

Claudia Santos
Claudia SantosPompeu Fabra
> ESR4 – Fibrogenic progenitors in skeletal muscle

Irene Fancello
Irene FancelloUniversity of Manchester UK
> ESR5 – Lineage tracing of PCs in developing and dystrophic muscle

Noemi Caballero Sanchez
Noemi Caballero SanchezUniversity of
> ESR6 – Epigenomics of macrophage phenotypes and the contribution of transcription processes contributing to phenotype switch
Emilia Skafida
Emilia SkafidaFondazioneSanta Lucia
> ESR 7 – Dynamic changes in transcription and epigenetic profile of fibro-adipogenic progenitors (FAPs) in healthy and dystrophic muscles, and modulation by epigenetic drugs (HDACi)

Sarah Willems
Sarah Willems University of Naples
> ESR 8 – Controlling cell microenvironment: engineering artificial niches to study muscle degeneration-regeneration in vitro
Regina Punzalan
Regina PunzalanKing's College London
> ESR 9 – Cellular and molecular signature of cardioPICs

Gwen Newman
Gwen NewmanEden Tech
> ESR 10 – Microfluidic bioreactor for high control over fluid and reagent delivery

Stefano Eriani
Stefano ErianiTechnion Ltd
> ESR 11 -Novel Bioengineering approaches for studying muscle tissue homeostasis and regeneration

Liam Colley
Liam ColleyHMGBiotech S.r.l.
> ESR 12 – Use of a non-oxidizable form of HMGB1 for muscle repair therapies

Thomas Feaugas
Thomas FeaugasEden Tech
> ESR 13 – Live observation of Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition